With winter (finally?) here, Mish and Jaison talk about an easy and cheap way in protecting your technology investments on today's show, heard every Friday at 9:30am on WATA 96.5 and 1450.

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Summer time brings thunderstorms and the potential of lightning hits; winter on the other hand brings a series of harsh conditions on the electrical grid, whether it's overload (brownouts) from too much electrical usage to windstorms.  Fortunately, most of the time (knock on wood), these outages are shorter, however they can happen more often.  

A cheap and easy way to protect your tech investments is purchasing a good battery backup, sometimes called a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).  A good one can range from $70 to hundreds of dollars and boils down to how big of a battery is part of the unit.  UPS’s have a battery in them.  The simple surge protectors most folks purchase are only good for one hit and that’s it.  UPS’s can take multiple hits and can even guarantee against damage to equipment. 

These units will protect whatever is plugged into them from power outages, brownouts and surges.  We even use them on devices such as our PlayStation, large screen TV’s, etc. 

Call the Geeks at Work / Computer Tamers if you want to find out more.  We can be reached from 9am to 5:30 at 828-262-3359.  Or you can stop into our store in the Southgate Plaza right next to Walmart.  



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