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Data breaches seem to be all over the news now.  Mostly because companies are now required to announce they've been breached.  A data breach is when your data is stolen, such as your email address to social security number, passwords, pretty much anything the company may have on you.  When you receive a notice your data has been breached, you should definitely change your password on that website.  If you're like most people, you use the same pasword on a lot of your websites, if so, then change your login information on those sites as well.  Sometimes what we do is create a seperate free email address on Yahoo or GMail and use that email address on those sites you really don't care about.  

You passphrase's for your password, such as, The Skinny Chicken Crossed The Road With One Leg Only.  Those are much harder to break than a simple one word password even with special characters. 

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