Free Standard Installation
Standard Installation is Free.  Standard Installation consists of either a roof or wall installation.  Roof must be a shingle roof and house construction must be either brick, concrete or wood.  Also a clear Line Of Sight to the Southwestern sky is a must.  Most installations fall into the Standard Installation category, but if you think you need any Non-Standard work, make sure to let us know so that we can survey your jobsite before the installation. 
The Free Standard installation includes:
Connecting the satellite modem/receiver to customer computer, or tv's
A wall or roof mount for the satellite dish
Up to 100ft of dual or single coaxial cable through 1 exterior wall and, as necessary, 1 interior wall/floor to 1 computer for Internet
Up to 150ft of dual or single coaxial cable through each exterior wall and, as necessary, 1 interior wall/floor to each receiver for TV
Non-Standard Installation Pricing
All Non-Standard installations require additional time, materials and tools that are not necessary for the standard installations.  Not all jobs are created equal.  We know this, and are very flexible with our pricing in certain situations. Prices below are to give you an idea of the extra costs and are not a set price for every job.
Any Non-Standard installation work must be presented to us before your installation, so that we can do a site survey to determine the cost of the additional fees. All Non-Standard Installation Fees are Due on the day of Installation
We do not ask you to do your job for free. Please do not expect us to!
Exede/Hughesnet Pole Mount (for internet only) - $50 to $100.00
A pole mount includes, Pole, Concrete and up to 25ft of cable burial. Existing Pole Mounts can be used, if they will work. Please ask when ordering to make certain. All Dishes use a different size pole. If we can use it, you will not be charged.
Wall Fishing Cable - $100.00 per wall 
Any cable drops on the inside of a wall are considered Non-standard, and will be at the discretion of the technician. Due to the fact that wall fishing cable is labor intensive, time consuming and often times very difficult, we often times encourage the customer to choose another method for cable installation.
Service Calls - $50.00
If you are not our customer, then we charge a fee for service calls. Service calls can include anything from dish alignment to replacing bad cables. We cannot replace bad receivers, or LNB's, but most issues can be remedied quickly.
Installing/Connecting a Router - $50.00
We will install your router with your new Internet system while we are there, for free. If we have to make a special trip, then there will be an additional charge. 
Many customers believe that they can save money on the additional costs of Non-Standard Installations by doing the work themselves. Please understand that Dish, Exede, HughesNet & DirecTV Installations must adhere to a very strict code. Please discuss any DIY work with us prior to the installation.
Dish Network poles and masts are not the same size as Exede, HughesNet & DirecTV.
We use a specific type of coax cable to connect your modem to the dish, or your receivers to your dish. Not all coax cable will work.
Cable runs over 100ft from Dish to Modem are Not Recommended for Satellite Internet.
Cable runs over 150ft from Dish to receiver are not recommended for TV installations.
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