Your data is important to you.  We know that.  

Because it's important to us too!  Everyone "runs" on data!

If the dreaded computer or server crash has occured, for whatever reason, we're here to help you recover that data.  

If you hadn't backed up your data and somehow your data is lost, due to a flood, fire, computer crash, laptop falling on the floor, theft and physical damage to the hard drive, or whatever it may be, hope is not lost.  Data Recovery is still possible.  Click here for a Hard Drive Simulator.

The first thing you need to do is STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER (if it's still operating "normally")!  We need to first examine it.  Once the damage is done, we Computer Tamers / Geeks at Work will do a free diagnosis on your hard drive.  This free diagnosis will determine if we are able to pull data and if so, just how much data is obtainable.  

Here is a great article by Jaison on why hard drives will fail.  Please call us at 828-262-339 for additional information.


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