We Computer Tamers can handle all your networking issues.  This may include:

  • setting up a new wireless network (home and business)
  • retail or office wireless networks for both private and public (cell isolation) access
  • hybrid networks consisting of both wireless and wired connections
  • installation of wiring during new construction or even post-construction, this includes ethernet, coax and phone wiring
  • installation and configuration of business networks consisting of server installs, wiring, encrypting data, PBX phone system

Typically if this is a wiring job for a pre or post construction job, we will deliver to you a quote with detailed information on the job for your review.

Computer Tamers / Geeks at Work will pre-wire your new construction project(s) with Coax Cable and Cat5e (or in some cases Cat 6). The advantage to having real local satellite guys pre-wire your home is that we actually know how to wire for Satellite & Cable TV and Internet. Most Electricians & Audio/Video companies seem to have a problem getting this right, which makes it difficult for you to have a clean installation. And also important to realize, not only do we wire your home correctly, we FUTURE-PROOF your home. We set up your home for all of the possibilities of each providers, so that no matter who you go with in the future for TV and Internet, there will most likely not have to be any new holes drilled in your home. 
The most cost effective pre-wire installation is done BEFORE drywall. It usually only takes us only a few hours to pre-wire most homes. Of course, larger homes take longer, but most are usually done in one day. Pre-wiring after drywall is installed will, at least, triple your price. Our prices, of course, vary depending construction and installation, so you will have to call us for a free estimate.
Please give one of our Business Specialists a call at 828-262-3359 for more information.  

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