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It’s all over the news lately! - Computer viruses, worms, spyware, identify theft, computer attacks, phishing, pharming and it just keeps on going.  With these malware problems today, the ever growing security risks, along with the potential of having hardware failures such as a hard drive crash (and it will); we’ve designed a high tech solution for you at a very reasonable price.  We will also review with you your backup options to help keep your data safe.It’s been a challenge for many of our customers to keep their computers in tip-top condition. Our customers have asked us for a better way and more cost effective way to manage the health of their computer.  It’s here only from the people who know computers best, Computer Tamers / Geeks at Work.  We also offer a FREE loaner laptop if your computer is in our shop for repair.

You need a comprehensive approach to manage your computer’s health and reliability.  This is Tamers Smart Care.  
1.    Did you know that a new computer infection comes out on average every hour? 
2.    Statistically one in five computers has a fatal hard drive crash during its lifetime where all valuable data is lost.  It’s not “if” a hard drive will fail, but “when.”  Your data is what's important, right?
3.    Every computer that exists has problems – they are inherently problematic.  
4.    The loss of valuable information and downtime in most cases cost a lot more than the cost of the computer.  
NEW!   NEW!   NEW!     NEW!   NEW!

We now offer optional hybrid backup with our Smart Care!  100gigs of storage for an additional $9.95 a month.  The usual going rate for cloud backup is .20 cents a gig, we are offering it at .10 cents a gig, 50% less!!  There are major advantages to our backup.  

  • Hybrid Backup - We'll backup your data both to the cloud and a local storage device to double the protection and ease of use.
  • Speed - Our backup is partnered with one of the top cloud backup services in the country, restoring files only takes minutes.
  • Control - You can access your web portal at any time to restore files and check status of backup.  Or better yet, let us do all the work for you!
  • Reliability - with TWO backups, you'll almost never have the chance to lose your data
  • Customer Service - With our Smart Care, we provide the service.  We will help you with all your computer issues.  We can now help you with protecting your data, just call us for ANY issues.
  • Data Retention - You can select up to 30 days of file retention.  Which means, you'll have upwards of 30 versions of your files and folders to choose from.
So managing your computer investment makes the most sense.  So what is Tamers Smart Care from Computer Tamers / Geeks at Work?  It’s a subscription service that gives you access to a real live technician right in your community who already knows your computer, can fix it and keep it running most of the time right from our call center.  We’re the ones who worked on your computer and already have an investment in your computer happiness. 
You can have this top level support plan for the cost of a cup of coffee a day!  Tamers Smart Care includes automated backup, quick technician remote access, 24/7 monitoring, patch management and monthly remote maintenance so that you will always have a computer that is safe, fast and reliable.  
It’s not for everybody!  From our experience those customers who need Tamers Smart Care are people who want to enjoy worry-free computer ownership – those people want happy computing every day.  Anyone wanting a predictable fixed cost for computer repairs definitely should subscribe.  Today, computers are a necessity and we all depend on them. Tamers Smart Care takes the place of having to bring in your computer to our service center!
Kiss having your computer in for service for many days goodbye!
Your investment in Tamers Smart Care provides the peace of mind you need to enjoy computing.  Tamers Smart Care is a subscription service that gives you year-round access to our technicians – real live local experts in your community who can fix your computer and keep it running in the best condition possible.  Happy computing is now a possibility for you!

What You Get

Smart Care – Best Value

Hybrid Backup

 - Additional $9.95 for 100gigs

Anti-Virus (optional)

  No Charge - Covered

In Service Center Repairs*1

20% off

In Service Center Assistance

  No Charge - Covered

Discount In-home Service

10% off

24x7 Remote Monitoring

  No Charge – Covered

Proactive 24x7 Health Checks

  No Charge – Covered

Patch Management (Includes Operating Systems, Operating System Components, Microsoft Products, Java Products, Adobe Products and major third-party applications)

  No Charge – Covered

Track hardware and software assets

  No Charge – Covered

Track software licenses

  No Charge - Covered

Remote Repair

  No Charge - Covered

FREE loaner laptop while computer is in for repair (if needed)

  No Charge - Covered

Promos & Specials

10% off

Phone Support/Questions



Local Technicians that know you


Peripheral Support (such as printers)

  No Charge - Covered

*1- After 60 (or 90) day Complete Computer Care warranty, if applicable     *2- Includes security alerts, tips and helpful ideas.

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